Class Descriptions

yts-interior3Plan on arriving a few minutes early to class so that you have time to sign in and set up before class. If you are running late, please wait quietly outside the studio until the invocation is finished.

Introductory: For students new to yoga, this class introduces the basic poses, principles of movement and posture, yoga philosophy and simple relaxation techniques. In Iyengar yoga, weak parts are strengthened and stiff parts are stretched, thus awakening and realigning the whole body. Benefits include increased vitality and the reduction of stress and anxiety. Beginners welcome

Level 1: A foundation for learning the whole scope and depth of the Iyengar method is taught in standing poses, shoulder stand, shoulder stand variations and other fundamental postures It is recommended that you study this level for 1 – 2 years. Beginners welcome

Level 1-2: This level is meant to be a bridge between pure Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Headstand is introduced. Beginners welcome

Level 2: Deeper and expanded study of the standing poses and basic postures. Head balance, shoulderstand variations, unsupported backbends and introductory pranayama are taught. It is recommended that students spend 2 years at this level.

Level 2/3: Students need to have a good working knowledge of the  standing poses, and must have a regular practice of  shoulderstand to attend this class. Advance poses will be introduced in this class.

Slow Paced: This class is for anyone, of any age that is looking for a slower paced class or students with special needs. Classical yoga poses will be modified with props. You must pre-register for this class.

All Levels: Thisclass is open to continuing students of all levels. All category of poses will be taught in this class and modifications will be made if necessary. Not recommended for those new to yoga.

Restorative: All poses restore, but the focus of this class will move away from rigorous physical work and focus the attention inward. The poses are held longer, with support, to allow the organs of the body to rest, offering recovery and a restored sense of tranquility. Pranayama, the art of breathing, as well as the art of sitting, will be covered in the class.

If you have any questions about your levels, please feel free to contact us at  (714) 388-4328 or via email on our Contact page.